SEG PH 220


PURPOSE: Horizontal drilling and casing with auger and DTH hammer.
CAPACITY: Auger ø1.200mm x 100m long. DTH hammer ø600mm x 100m long (rock).
RANGE OF DIAMETERS: ø400mm, ø600mm, ø800mm, ø1.000mm y ø1.200mm.
HYDR. CAP.: 250.000 kg.
Two Motor/Reducer with 3 speeds.
RPM: 60 r.p.m., 30 r.p.m., 15 r.p.m.
1.750 kg x m; 3.500 kgxm; 7.000 kgxm.
6m de long. 4m de long.
POWER: Diesel 186 kw (250 H.P) at 1.800 r.p.m.
PUMPS:  2 x 200 l/min + 2 x 30 l/min.
OIL TANK: 800 l.
FUEL TANK: 250 l.
HOUSING: Silenced enclosure.
OPTIONS: Water & foam pump. - In-line cube for DTH hammer. - Welding group. - Directional kit: to check and to correct the drilling course.