Sending a convoy to Angola (Kunene) to perform waterwells SEG S.L manufactured and collected a complete convoy to send to Angola to implement an initial set up of 40 water wells. The convoy included: (6) trucks 6x6 with hoists in front, tropicaled, ready for rough roads. (20) containers with casing, filters, submergable pumps, electric power group for pumps, electric cable, water pipe, valves, equipment for valuation of water wells, button bits, tricone bits, drag bits, stabilizers and a very sizeable set of anything convenient. (2) Drilling rigs, one Segoqui-10 and one Segoqui-21 (2) H.P large air compressors portable. (2) Mud pumps (2) Cranes for valuation of water wells (4) Pick-up all vehicles with wireless communication. (1) Retro – excavator on wheels. (1) Full set-up of spare parts, instructions, and special tools for drillers and service men. People of SEG, went to the area in advance to assess the working conditions and to get familiar with the working area where 40 programmed water wells were to be completed.